Happy Monday, Pluggers! We have a little video for you to help start your week off right.

New York City Ballet heartthrobs Justin Peck and Robert Fairchild have teamed up for a video promoting Peck's new work, "The Times are Racing." The segment features an eclectic mix of dance styles that the pair (of course) move through effortlessly.

Inspired by the films of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, they wanted to shoot the entire dance in one take. They filmed at the recently opened 7 train station on the westside of Manhattan. It took twelve tries, but they finally got the perfect take!

Peck's new work for City Ballet, "The Times are Racing," premieres at Lincoln Center next week. And yes - it will be performed in sneakers!

The video even includes a little cameo from Tiler Peck, Justin's sister and Bobby's wife! Talk about a talented family...