Come Tuesday, May 30th, there will be a new dance show to take up space on your DVR. That’s right, NBC has provided us with a new dance competition to watch while we stretch on the couch and unwind after a long day of rehearsal. “World of Dance” is about to become the latest dance competition series to hit mass media.

Producer Jennifer Lopez will be joined by judges Derek Hough and NeYo, while Jenna Dewan Tatum will act as the host and mentor for the contestants. The show will run for ten episodes with a grand prize of one million dollars.

Whether or not the show will be a hit is yet to be determined, however NBC has come up with a plan to help the new TV series gain some popularity among the dance community. The show is launching a series of master classes throughout the month of May in hopes of spreading some hype. What’s unique about these classes is that they are for anyone who likes to dance and do not require prior training. Either way the show already has quite a bit of buzz, and is rumored to be a hit. Happy binge watching pluggers!