As the Nation faces the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, twenty New York City dancers and choreographers have decided to come together and raise funds for the victims of these natural disasters. The 'New York Moves Benefit Concerts', produced by Shelly Hutchinson, will take place in the Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance in NYC on October 1st.

A variety of companies will be showing several works over the course of two separate programs. But what is most inspiring about these dancers and their generosity is the fact that ALL of the proceeds will be going to the victims and their families! It’s so amazing to see a group of dancers, who already struggle to make a steady income, that are willing to donate so much time and energy without the expectation of payment.

It also leaves the rest of us with zero excuse. These dancers have found a way to use their talents to help send support to those in need, showing the dance community that money is not the only form of assistance. This event also serves as a wonderful reminder that together we can accomplish beautiful things when we come together for a cause. Whether it’s volunteering to teach at the local Boys and Girls Club, or just helping to clean up the studio before you leave, you and your friends have the power to do some good. So jump up for a cause and take a (clean and turned out) leap of faith… you don’t know how great of an impact you’ll have until you try.

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