It’s rare to see the concert dance world and the tight knit society of Hollywood come together. So it’s safe to say that last night was a big deal for the dance world, because Diavolo, a dance company based in Los Angeles, took the AGT stage and knocked it out of the park!

The 25 year old company is known for their phrase “Architecture in Motion,” and they are truly living up to this motto. Director Jacques Heim comes up with an out-of-this-world idea, usually incorporating a complex piece of machinery. Then the dancers make the piece come alive by pairing modern dance with acrobatics. This group performs death defying stunts with ease, and their formal dance training allows them to smoothly transition between stunts with a seamless quality. Last night the group performed a galactic routine that knocked the judge's socks off, and everyone has high hopes that they will be moving on to the next round.

Could Diavolo be the key to increasing the popularity of concert dance? Based on the judges reaction last night, it is entirely possible. Simon even said that he would buy a ticket to see a show immediately. We’ll find out tonight if Diavolo makes it through to the next round, but the buzz on social media is that they’re a sure in for the finale!