Unfortunately, it’s the end of the America's Got Talent journey for the Diavolo dance company. The artists did not make top five, and they will not be headlining in Vegas. But the real question is, what happens to an act once they’re booted from the show?

We all know that when someone wins AGT, they become fairly famous. They win money, perform a lot, and they end up having their own show in Vegas. But what happens when someone loses? The answer? They go back to doing what they do best. And for Diavolo, that means going back to the concert dance world. In fact their next show is already scheduled; they will be performing at the Valley Performing Arts Center for their 25th anniversary celebration. The company will be showing ten of their most iconic works during a full day of dance and celebration.

So the company didn't win it all; however, they are definitely using their newfound popularity to their advantage. Their marketing technique for their next show includes the phrase, “You’ve seen them on America’s Got Talent, now come see them in person!” So the statement must be true - everyone who makes it to the finale is a winner!