It seems like we get a new controversial dance video every single day. The latest in the saga is a new video by Vanity Fair that features Elle Fanning, "teaching" us how to do pique turns on pointe. It's gone viral on social media, but if you haven't seen it yet, take a second and watch it.


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There are two ways to look at this. Maybe you feel that sure, she's not the best dancer, but she seems sweet and enthusiastic. After all, dancing is for everyone, and in this climate, any exposure that ballet and dance gets is a positive thing...right?

Alternately, it's also totally acceptable to be mad about this and feel like enough is enough. While it's fine that she loves dance, she certainly shouldn't be teaching anyone how to do piqué turns, not to mention piqué turns ON pointe.

If Vanity Fair wants to make these ballet videos, great - but how about hiring a dancer to do it? Or if they want to use non-dancer celebrities, fine - but don't get them to teach, and don't put them in pointe shoes!!