Happy Weekend, Pluggers! Congratulations on surviving another week. Here are three new dance videos that will inspire you and give you a boost to enjoy your days off.

1. Hozier and Polunin Officially Team Up

This isn't the first time Sergei Polunin has ripped our hearts out to the tune of Hozier. We got our first taste back in 2015, when Polunin released a video of him dancing his own choreography to Hozier's breakout song Take Me to Church (in gorgeous Maui, no less). This time, they've officially teamed up to create a sublime new video to promote Hozier's recent song Movement.

The best part of the vid? There's not just one Sergei Polunin. Ohhhhh no. There are FOUR. That's right - that's quadruple the high-jumping, fast turning, emotional mover that he is. Polunin's choreography is so intricate (the different versions literally dance with each other), but the way he performs it makes it look entirely spontaneous. The movement truly captures the raw emotions that are very present in Hozier's music.

Want more from Sergei? He's a featured performer in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, now playing in theaters.

2. A Street & Studio Collaboration

This video is like Step Up...but real. That's right - Jubilee Media (which exists for the sole purpose of making unique and inspiring videos) decided to put two very different and very talented dancers together in the studio and have them create something new. In only two hours, professional ballerina Toi'ya and street performer K-Flow choreographed a little piece that melded their different movement styles in a quirky but truly gorgeous way. 

3. Maddie Ziegler Tries Iconic Music Video Dances

We all know Maddie Ziegler from her days on Dance Moms (and of course Sia's music videos). Teen Vogue asked her to watch and attempt to recreate some of the most recognizable and popular dances in music video history. She tackles N*SYNC, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and more... all with a really adorable flair. 

Did you see a video this week that inspired you? Leave us a comment!