Today, we're taking a jump back in time to check out the Triadic Ballet (Triadisches Ballett) - a work that draws inspiration from geometric shapes and mathematical precision, resulting in a strangely mesmerizing journey. Choreographed by Oskar Schlemmer, it is indicative of the Bauhaus school, which was present in Germany from 1919 to 1933. Bauhaus artists sought to create a style of work that included all different types of art and design - an idea that is clearly present in this particular work.

This particular work was an effort to examine the human body as a shape moving through space. It is a fantastical world, where dancers seem more like puppets. If you squint your eyes, it looks like they're computer animations instead of living, breathing movers!

The piece toured from 1922 until the world took a plunge during the stock market crash of 1929. What do you think - cool, or a little too avant-garde?