The Office is one of the funniest and most popular shows to hit television. It began in Britain, made its way to the States, and now it's finally hit the ballet world.

Back in March, the Houston Ballet made a genius promotional video that advertised their run of the classic story Cinderella. The video features Cinderella working in an office, dealing with her annoying stepsisters and an even more annoying and self involved prince. It's pretty hilarious. If you missed it, take a second and watch it (you won't regret it):

Well, they're at it again, this time promoting their upcoming production of La Bayadere (a personal favorite of mine). This one shows the jealous Gamzatti and her friend Aya trying to sabotage an upcoming promotion for the lovely Nikiya. And of course, no production of La Bayadere is complete without a snake! "Red and yellow, he's my fellow. Yellow and turning back." Watch out, Nikiya (and everyone else in the building!).