Hurricane Harvey has caused devastating destruction in Houston, and has had an impact on all who live there. Unfortunately the Houston Ballet has been no exception to this truth, and has been forced to cancel their upcoming performances.

The ballet company posted a message on their website, saying that “due to a disruption of the company's systems from a power outage and minor water damage that caused our ticketing and email systems to go offline, our offices are closed and will remain closed through Labor Day. Furthermore, our season-opening performances of Poetry in Motion, scheduled for September 8-17, have been unavoidably canceled. We will endeavor to reschedule those performances in the coming months.” However, despite this unfortunate news, the company was able to save their Nutcracker costumes! They sent them to a warehouse off site before the storm arrived, and thankfully they have remained safe and undamaged. The company is also hoping to start their season back up by September 21st, and although recovery from the storm will be difficult, they are optimistic and hopeful for a great year of performances.

Our hearts go out to those affected by the storm. If you are looking for a way to help, donations can be made at Despite all the negativity in the news, our nation is joining together to assist all of those in need, and that’s a beautiful thing. Dancer and non-dancer alike, we can all stand together and help each other!