Last week, we brought you the scoop on a discussion surrounding tap right now - is tap getting the recognition that it deserves? (ICYMI - read it here). Though it's a complicated answer, one thing is pretty clear - tap is doing pretty well in terms of performances! To that point: tapping dynamite Nick Young just released a new tap solo just in time for National Tap Dance Day on May 25. Tap is in the air, and Young has given us a preview of something special that's sure to give you a dose of inspiration and make you want to grab your tap shoes.

Young caught our attention after he appeared in the top 20 of SYTYCD, Season 8. He's also choreographed for SYTYCD: The Next Generation, and appeared on Glee and Shake It Up. He  recently founded his company Rhythmatic Tap Company, which was featured on NBC's "World Of Dance." They've been working on developing a new full-length show called "On Top of the World,” and based on this sneak peek, we know it’s going to be pretty awesome.

We're looking forward to seeing what this fantastic tapper does with an evening-length work; but in the meantime, this snippet will have to satisfy. It doesn’t get more unique than Young’s combination of tap rhythms and intricate choreography. It’s never what you’d expect, it breaks all tap norms, and it’s positively hypnotic. The show will be premiering in early June, just days after National Tap Dance Day (clever marketing).