The new LA Dance Film Festival will present its first-ever lineup of films on Thursday, January 26th from 7:30-10pm. The lineup includes a diverse range of film topics and dance forms from all over the world.

The festival, founded by Alexa Roman and Betsy Uhler Colombo, seeks to create visibility for dance films, as well as bring together the dance and film communities in the Los Angeles area.

Here are just a few of the films on the roster:

  • Capoeira – Live the Game – dir. Eric Joddy Matthews, USA, 2016 (4 min.)
  • Cold Storage – dir. Thomas Freundlich, Finland, 2016 (9 min.)
  • Confrontation – dir. Shannon Janet Smith, Los Angeles, 2016 (5 min.)
  • GIMP GAIT – dir. Pioneer Winter, USA, 2016 (5 min.)
  • In the Pines – dir. Elliott Geolat, USA, 2015 (11 min.)
  • Songs of the Underworld – dir. Nicola Hepp, Netherlands, 2016 (6 min.)
  • Vagalume – dir. Alois Di Leo, Brazil, 2016 (2 min.)

For the full lineup, additional information, and ticketing, visit website.