As announced back in June, TV show World of Dance (produced by Jennifer Lopez) will be returning for a second season. Well, this week is your last chance to apply to become their next world champion.

Submissions are being accepted and reviewed by casting officials until this Friday, November 3rd. Let’s just say - it better be good. We saw quite a bit of industry talent last season, so everyone who is auditioning needs to bring their A game.

But keep in mind there are also some changes coming; they've added a new category to the competition. For the second season, there will be a junior, senior, and team category like last year, but there will also be an added junior team category. This will allow kids to show off their team talent, versus their individual solo style. It also gives the younger generation a bigger platform to show the world what they are capable of. So get ready, all you mini me’s and young whipper snappers, because you're about to takeover this competition.