Father's Day is this weekend! (Did you forget? You're welcome for the reminder). In honor of these hardworking and loving fellows, we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorite dancing dad videos. 

This is an adorable video which surfaced last week and that we can't stop watching. Two-year-old Bella Daniels came down with a bad case of stage fright when performing at her first dance recital. When her dad saw the problem, he swooped in (with another baby on board!) and performed alongside her on stage. Shout out to this MVP for knowing all the choreography after practicing with her at home. 

Here's a classic from a few years ago - these dads attended a Valentine's Day ballet class with their daughters, and they are really giving it all they've got to make those turns and jumps happen! Special shout out to the dads rocking a tutu.

There have definitely been some stellar father-son duos on talent shows over the years, but John & Brandon Pohlhammer stand out as one of our favs. They strut their stuff on Britain's Got Talent last year, not only tapping their toes, but singing!

June is also wedding season, so we can't have a Father's Day tribute without throwing in a father-daughter wedding dance. Here's a great one, that starts with a traditional dance fake-out and ends with some seriously hilarious choreography that features everything from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air "Jump On It" to disco classics. 

Keep on dancin', daddy-o's!