It’s probably safe to say that we take the word “freedom” for granted here in the U.S., and as a society, we have a lot of freedom. We have freedom of speech, freedom of press, and yes, even the freedom to dance. However, some are not so lucky; a 14 year old boy was taken into custody after publicly performing the Macarena in Saudi Arabia.

The boy was accused of “improper public behavior,” and was detained by the Saudi police. In the video, you can see the boy walk out to a stopped traffic light and begin his routine. He very joyfully performs about three rounds of the infamous social dance, and then the video stops. The boy was then arrested, and we have yet to discover if the boy will be formally charged.

You’re most likely thinking to yourself, “how could they do this? He’s just a boy!” Well keep in mind this is the same country that arrested Saudi singer Abdallah Al Shahani for performing the “dab” dance move on stage. It’s also the country that arrested a girl for wearing a miniskirt at an archaeology site. Could you imagine if Saudi police came to the United States! They would have to arrest almost everybody in sight, considering almost all U.S citizens are either dabbing, wearing a mini skirt, or doing both at the same time. So take a moment to appreciate your situation; we may have a lot of crazy going on here in the U.S, but we can still dance anywhere and anytime our heart desires.