Watch out SYTYCD, America’s favorite dancer may not be who you would expect. Malcolm Jenkins, a safety for the Philadelphia Eagles, was caught dancing in the locker room after their win against the Panthers, and let’s just say the man’s got talent.

When you think about someone’s happy dance, you usually picture them jumping up and down, or maybe a very enthusiastic step touch, but Malcolm Jenkins has a next level happy dance. The NFL star may be an American football safety by day, but by night, he’s for sure a dancing machine. Jenkins was caught on camera by fellow player Ronald Darby dancing to “Atomic Dog” in the locker room, and quite honestly killin' the game with his smooth moves. The dance can best be described as the running man meets the coordination of Matt Mattox technique!

So what can we take away from this amazing video? Well, I think it’s safe to say that we need to step up our happy dance game! Or maybe we need to start looking for the next dancing sensation on the field rather than the stage.