It’s on your mind, it’s looming ahead, and it’s on its way…Valentine's day is almost upon us. Flowers, chocolates, and the rom-com marathon are just weeks away, but maybe it’s time to switch up the date night routine. Maybe this year, you and your significant other try something… dare we say it… new!

Add some spice to the romance routine by seeing a show (and no, we don’t mean tickets to the movies). For example, if you’re in the central United States, Colorado’s Wonderbound Dance Company has “Aphrodite’s Switchboard,” a new show about love and all the trouble that comes with it (think Greek mythology meets the 1920’s). Aphrodite comes down from her royal stance on Olympus to be a switchboard operator who makes all kinds of connections, which in turn causes mayhem to ensue.

There are lots of other great dance shows that revolve around love - Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet (okay, maybe those aren’t the best example of happy endings...). But still, it can’t be denied - love inspires some amazing art! Does your studio or company have any love-themed shows or pieces coming up this year? We want to hear about it in the comments!

So maybe you and your love monkey will head to the theater this year, or maybe you're celebrating another epic Galantines day with your besties. Not a problem, text the squad and let them know that you’ve got a great idea for V day. Either way, get ready for some romance on the dance floor this year. ❤️