Michaela DePrince is a popular dance icon - she’s currently dancing with the Dutch National Ballet - and her story has touched a multitude of lives. And we have some exciting news - her story is about to become a movie, and Madonna will be directing!

Michaela was adopted by her American parents after dealing with a very traumatic childhood. Both of her parents died within the span of 7 days when they were living in Sierra Leone’s as a result of the country's civil war, and she lost her three brothers as well. Her story is very moving and Madonna stated that DePrince’s story resonated with her, which is why she has chosen to direct the film. MGM Productions said that they’re thrilled to have Madonna directing, and that “there is no director better suited to tell Michaela’s journey with passion and sensitivity.”

It’s interesting though - when you think Madonna, you may not immediately think film. However, this won’t be her first time directing; she directed the film “WE” back in 2011, in addition to acting in a number of productions. The Queen of Pop is undeniably talented! She also has adopted children, which is most likely why Madonna has a heart for this project. So hands up if you’ll be scoping out Madonna’s directing skills and Michaela’s memoir!