Fall is here! The weather is getting cooler, the sweaters are getting thicker. That can only mean one thing - binge-watching season is here! And if you have watched every single dance movie and show currently available on Netflix, there's more: You can now cuddle up on the couch with your best dance friend for "Dancing Queen," a new series featuring RuPaul's Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards.

The show, which dropped yesterday, revolves around Justin Johnson, AKA Alyssa Edwards, and his life as a performer and dancer. The documentary series follows his life in Mesquite, Texas after his stints on Season 5 and All Stars Season 2 of Drag Race. The cameras get up close and personal as he weaves through dance gigs, drag gigs, family drama, and dating - a lifestyle all dancers can identify with!

Edwards heads up a competitive dance team called Beyond Belief Dance Company, and the series follows him through all of the necessary preparations for an intense season. Any dancer - or Dance Moms fan! - knows that there's plenty of drama that goes along with that, as they get to glimpse behind the scenes and see how his huge personality is like when offstage.