Choreographers Keone & Mari (aka one of the cutest dance couples ever) are known for pushing the envelopes of creativity. Now, they've truly outdone themselves. Their new project is an "enhanced eBook" that combines text, dance, original music, film, photography, design, and technology for a truly unique "reading" experience. 

The project began with a Kickstarter campaign back in 2016. The couple writes: "We’re best known for our work as dancers and choreographers, yet we’ve always had a dream to use dance as a medium between different/collaborative art forms.  With Mari’s creative writing degree and our love for various art forms we never saw dance being completely independent of the different crafts."

Their goal was to create a movement driven story that encourages you to interact, either by looking at photos, learning choreography, or even directing where the story goes. In the end, they had 904 backers, and raised a total of $57,144 to make the project a reality. 

Now, they've given us a peek at what this project will look like. The book will center around an elderly woman named Ruth who leaves a retirement home to move back in with her family. We follow her as she is transported to a universe populated with movers and dancers. It looks fantastical and completely fascinating. This writer, for one, can't wait to read (er, dance?) it!