Now that Turkey Day is done, the Christmas trees are going up! That means that it’s officially time to hang the stockings, string the lights, and dust off the caroling books. And if you’re a dancer, you know that it’s almost time for your holiday performances. That means Nutcracker is just around the corner…but what if you’re not a ballet dancer? Well if you’re a jazz lover, a hip hop superstar, or a musical theater protege- here are some holiday career alternatives.

For those with a passion for theater, you can go and see “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Maybe you’ll fall in love with the musical and realize that you want to be a part of the green guy’s show next year. In that case, brush up on your vocals, prepare your audition songbook, and think mean and green.

If you’re into having a poppin’ and lockin’ holiday, then you should know that there is a “Hip Hop Nutcracker” on tour! It’s a whole new take on the holiday classic, and it might be your type of thing. Who knows, maybe you’ll be up there one day getting down with the snowflakes.

Last but certainly not least is the “Christmas Spectacular” with the Radio City Rockettes. If you love jazz and tap, you need to check this out. For Christmas, ask your parents, your boyfriend, or your significant other for a trip to New York (or hey, buy the ticket yourself!) and go see the show! You may find yourself rocking those eye high kicks in a few years.

Not a ballerina? Never fear, there’s plenty other options to spread Christmas cheer. Nutcracker can even be a bit of a bore, so say hello to something funky and fresh this season. Time to shake those reindeer tails my friends.