Ranjeet Singh is our newfound superhero. He is a kindhearted policeman who has elevated traffic safety to a whole new level of awesome, and we’re kind of obsessed.

Singh is a traffic director in India, and he has incorporated some Michael Jackson moves into his daily routine to make the streets a safer place. The officer claims that traffic violations have decreased in his busy intersection, and now an Indian university is researching his theory to see if he’s right! Could it be that the moonwalk actually saves lives?

His dancing began about 12 years ago, and while the steps were a bit peculiar at first, he is now very popular amongst his community. He also says it’s a great way to make the job more fun and a great way to catch the attention of drivers who might otherwise ignore traffic safety. The man with 50,000 followers on Facebook stays humble though, and claims "I just want youngsters to stay safe and follow rules.”