Mr. Martins, director of the New York City Ballet, is under severe scrutiny for misconduct allegations. The 71 year old ballet master has been accused of sexual harassment, and has chosen to take a leave of absence while the situation unfolds.

The New York Times reported that an anonymous letter was sent to the company, making widespread claims of sexual harassment in regards to Peter Martins. The school and company have responded in haste, making it clear that the situation will be thoroughly investigated. According to the School of American Ballet, “The safety and well-being of our students is our absolute priority.”

In the meantime, other stories are surfacing of Martins’ misconduct. In 1992 he was charged with third degree assault against his (now ex) wife Darci Kistler, who was a Principal for the company at the time. The charges were eventually dropped, but other dancers claim to have been abused by Peter Martins; the Washington Post recently ran a story where former dancer Kelly Boal claims Martins grabbed her throat. Not to mention he was arrested in 2011 for driving under the influence.

So while Mr. Martin takes a leave of absence, investigations will begin. What will become of the leader of City Ballet, and will more stories surface?