This coming season of Dancing With the Stars is going to be all athletes. But not just any kind of athletes - several are Olympic athletes (go Team USA)! Not to mention that three of these Olympic stars are figure skaters, who are sure to bring their A game.

One of the more well known stars is going to be Tonya Harding, who, thanks to “iTonya,” a new film about her life, is enjoying a second wave of popularity! She has a special talent for jumps, so she is sure to have a spring in her sock hop. The other two figure skaters are Adam Rippon, bronze medalist, and Mirai Nagasu, silver medalist. Both represented USA with grace and beauty at the 2018 Olympics, and both are sure to give Tonya a run for her money.

So with three Olympic figure skaters in the line up, do the other athletes have a fair chance at the title? It’s no secret that figure skaters have dance experience and are basically dancers on ice. They have flexibility, great timing, and excellent coordination. Perhaps the other athletes have a secret weapon up their sleeve, or a secret dance background, because with Tonya, Adam, and Mirai competing, they’ll probably need it.