Let’s get real for a moment pluggers - the news has been rough lately. From hurricanes to school shootings, there has been a lot of pain and suffering throughout the world. But humans like Omar Z. Robles are using their artistic abilities to remind us that from destruction, we rise into something beautiful.

Carla Sofía Curet -

Carla Sofía Curet - "Puerto Rico, still preciosa" by Omar Z. Robles

After the chaos and destruction of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rica was left in oblivion. The natural disaster left the streets in upheaval and the people displaced; but photographer Omar Robles has refused to let the streets become a symbol of defeat. He has been photographing Puerto Rican dancers amidst the destruction of the hurricane, and telling the story of the scene that surrounds them. He shares the location, and explains how each area has been affected, all while highlighting other Puerto Rican artists. It’s not only informative, but extremely impactful. The photographer has given us a direct window into the aftermath of Maria, and has also shown us that there is potential for beauty rising out of destruction.

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