Dance is an art form that seeks to push boundaries. Recently, Pacific Northwest Ballet partnered with Pixvana to explore Virtual Reality and see how it can be combined with dance.

In a short film titled "Silent Resonance," PNB worked with choreographer Price Suddarth and dancers Emma Love Suddarth and Miles Pertl, to create a virtual reality pas de duex that the audience can view from 360 degrees. It's truly an experience like none other.

The goal of virtual reality is to bring the viewer to a different world, somewhere they would not normally go. In this case, for choreographer Suddarth, that place is the mind of a dancer. "In the piece", he told Dance Informa, "you see the struggle, the conflict, the joy, and the complex beauty that is the heart and soul of a dancer."

"Silent Resonance" premiered back in March at a PNB fundraising event. Now, you can watch it on YouTube 360 and Facebook 360. Where will technology take us next?