Just under a decade ago, pole dancing was only associated with strip clubs and a scandalous lifestyle, but now, the tables are turning. Pole dancing is quickly becoming a popular art form, and it is gaining a large following in Israel.

In Israel, pole dancing is seen as a sport, and is very different from the erotic style of pole dancing you might see in a strip club. The studio style of pole dance is competitive and gymnastics driven. The movement focuses on difficult acrobatic moves, which require strength, skill, and flexibility. There is even talk of pole dancing becoming an olympic sport! The Global Association of International Sports Federation, or GAISF, gave the International Pole Sport Federation “observer” status, temporarily recognizing pole dance as a sport. But whether or not pole dancing becomes a part of the olympic games, there’s no denying that the reputation of pole dancing and pole dancers is changing. However, there’s some who do not want it to change.

In Israel, there are some who feel like pole dancing should remain an erotic form of entertainment. They say that women can connect to the original form of pole dance better due to its sexy nature. What are your thoughts on this subject? Should pole dancing be a sport, or remain in the clubs?