It's no secret that technology is a huge part of our lives - so huge, in fact, that it's probably only a matter of time before electronics rise up and take over the world (we're looking at you, Alexa. Please don't hurt us). And as if we needed more proof the uprising is coming, we present to you: ANYmal.

ANYmal is a (whatever it is, it's pretty cute!). Created by Swiss researchers at the university ETH Zurich, it's a robot that can hear music, immediately process and analyze the speed of the song, and - get this - DANCE along.

That's right - this little guy can dance. And he's pretty good, too! To prove it, the researchers put it to the test, playing everything from instrumental music to Beyonce to Macklemore. And each time, ANYmal proved he's got the moves. It's especially impressive (read: freaky) when he starts stomping his feet to the beat.

Dance off time, anyone?