Happy Monday, pluggers! We hope you had a fabulous and relaxing holiday weekend.

Did you happen to catch Saturday Night Live? Host Jimmy Fallon (current host of The Tonight Show) was ecstatic to return to the show that really gave him his celebrity start, as evidenced by his opening sketch. Instead of a monologue, Jimmy opted for - what else? - a flash mob.

Grabbing the mic, the SNL band launched into David Bowie classic "Let's Dance." Fallon jumped off the stage and invited the first few rows to join him. Surprise! They were all dancers. The high-energy flash mob continued throughout the building, giving you a cool backstage look at their studio space.

Another cute highlight? One Direction singer-turned-solo-artist Harry Styles, the musical guest for the evening, made a quick appearance, showing off a few of his moves. cue screaming teenage girls

This was a particularly momentous occasion for Saturday Night Live, not only because of their hilarious celebrity host, but because it was the first time SNL was live all over the country, instead of just the East Coast.

The segment was a lot of fun to watch - take a look and start your week off with a smile!