I think we can all agree that dancers don’t have a lot of “spare time,” so the extra time that we do have is very precious. After giving some of that time to family and friends, you have a few options…

  • Option One: Run your errands.
  • Option Two: Do your laundry.
  • Option Three: Binge watch a show.

While two of these are productive, binge watching Netflix is not always the best decision. Your vision starts to get blurry and somehow you end up getting nothing else done.

So, we've got a better idea for you. To get that TV fix, try watching Michaela DePrince’s vlog series. The amazing ballerina started a vlog (video blog) on Youtube about a month ago, and we are obsessed. Her videos are real and unapologetic, allowing her audience to see a more vulnerable side of herself. She also talks about things that are unrelated to dance, proving to the world that amazing dancers don’t have to be robots who only eat, sleep, and breathe dance. So the next time you have the day off, give Netflix a break and watch an inspirational vlog instead. It will not disappoint.