In an interesting development in Saudi Arabia, tickets recently went on sale for a pop concert, but the fine print may make you take a second glance…

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia is extremely conservative, but during the recent sale of Tamer Hosny’s concert tickets (a pop star on the other side of the pond), the regulations were a bit of a shock. It was announced that dancing and swaying would be strictly prohibited at the concert! That’s right, no dancing. And while it's certainly important to respect traditions and all kinds of different cultures, I think I would die if someone told be I couldn't even step touch at a concert. I don’t care if it’s Teletubbies live…as a dancer, I sincerely believe that everyone has gotta be free to move!

But the rules have been made clear, and have many decided to speak out, (naturally) taking to Twitter to express their feelings. While some felt that the rules were absolutely ridiculous, others went so far as to say the concert was an abomination. What are your thoughts, Pluggers?

While you are sharing your opinions, please keep in mind that DancePlug is a safe space where we respect all types of thoughts and experiences. We love discussion, but please be considerate to your fellow dancers and humans!