Sometimes the week before Christmas can really be a drag, right? Maybe you're still in school, or maybe you're working, but all you really want to be doing is hanging out with your friends and family and celebrating the season (or gift wrapping all those last minute Christmas presents). Well, maybe we can make this hump day a little easier for you!

Put your work aside for a few minutes and check out this throwback video from choreographer Yanis Marshall, who brought together three fierce dancers and filmed them dancing all over one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Paris. And when we say fierce dancers, we really mean it. I mean, just look at those heels! The fun doesn't end there - the 2013 vid features some of our favorite Spice Girls classics: "Wannabe", "Stop", and "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Does Marshall's name sound familiar? You might recognize him from Britain's Got Talent, or the French version of Dancing With The Stars. He is also the choreographer of Cirque Du Soleil's Las Vegas show 'Zumanity.' Check out more of his work on his YouTube channel.