If at first you don’t succeed, try try again...or at least that’s how Justin Bieber feels when it comes to choreography.

The young superstar decided to post two videos back to back of him performing to Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect.” However, a dancing professional may not consider these videos to be full blown choreography. In truth, Bieber only posts about 5 seconds of dancing in each video. In the first post he dive rolls into the shot, and in the other he does a slow arm gesture with a turn right after. The first video could be considered acrobatic, but the second video does show some improvement. Maybe the teenage heartthrob is on the right track!

Bieber’s comment? All he had to say was “I’m gonna get this dancing thing down.” And while his determination is truly endearing, he may want to try adding a few more moves to his repertoire. Right now his dive roll and pirouette may start to get a tad redundant. But, Bieber could probably just post a video of himself just standing still and it would still be adored.