A few months ago, we wrote about the possibility that LA's Debbie Reynolds Studio was going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. (Read our original article here)

Well, today we're bringing you some better news! Thanks to Beats Freaks Teresa Espinoza and Marie Courchinoux (better known as Maryss From Paris), along with Marie's husband Austin Wright, the Debbie Reynolds Studio has been saved and is under new management.

The new owners are reportedly elated with the opportunity to lead the new business team. On social media, they announced that “This blessing has been divinely placed into our hands, and we intend to keep the soul while updating aspects of the studio – for example, free Wi-Fi!” So it sounds like the studio will stay true to its original roots, but will thankfully be entering the 21st century (hallelujah WiFi). Most importantly, they plan to keep the studio's  mission the same by maintaining the space as a safe and comfortable place for the dance community. Not to mention that the rental rates will be as low as $15 an hour for select studios, which is a very affordable option for LA dancers! In an industry where the work is scarce and the rent is high, the Debbie Reynolds Studio is a blessing for choreographers and dancers alike, and that’s truly a thanksgiving gift to be thankful for.  

So how’s the response? So far, so good. It seems most people are just glad that the studio will be continuing and it seems to be in good hands. We hope that the Debbie Reynolds legacy will continue, and dancers everywhere will have a safe haven in LA. We'll see how the transition goes - stay tuned!