"The Greatest Showman," coming to theaters December 20, is an original musical that revolves around P.T. Barnum, the man behind Barnum & Bailey circus. It was extremely popular in the mid-twentieth century - so popular, in fact, that people started calling it the greatest show on earth (hence the movie title!).

The film follows Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, as he brings together performers for his new show. Zendaya plays a trapeze artist, and Zach Efron also stars as a circus performer.

There's going to be plenty of dancing thanks to Australian choreographer Ashley Wallen. Wallen brings years of experience to the film, as he also choreographed the U.K. version of "Ghost: The Musical" and has also worked as resident dance captain on The X Factor.

In an interview with Dance Spirit, Wallen gave readers a sneak peek at what viewers can look for in the film. Expect to see a mixture of classic musical theater and old movie style movement, with a little bit of pop and commercial dance thrown in. Since it's a period film, he wanted it to a throwback while still remaining engaging for current audiences.

The dancers on the film have a mixture of backgrounds, many of them jazz and hip hop. And the stars who had less formal dance training rehearsed hard in preparation for filming!

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