Sarasota Cuba Ballet School is on a mission - and you can help. After Hurricane Maria wrecked havoc on the country, director Ariel Serrano received messages from several dancers who had studied at his summer program last summer. They all said the same thing: our houses are destroyed, our studios are flooded, our money and food is running out. Can you help us?

It's an unimaginable situation - not only have lost your possessions, but your dreams of being a dancer are in jeopardy as well. How can you expect to keep up your training, or save money to travel  for auditions or programs, when your home has been devastated?

Enter "Sarasota and Puerto Rico Dance Together," a fundraiser Serrano is organizing. The school, which has worked continually to never turn a dancer away because of lack of funding, is trying to raise enough money to bring six dancers to study at the school in Florida. The money will cover transportation and living expenses. Two major donors have already brought in enough to bring one female dancer, and two more are on the way. But there's still more money to be raised - please consider contributing if you are able.