We here at DancePlug firmly believe that dance is for everyone - so we were SO excited when we saw this video that's making its way around the internet!

The DREAM Project, founded by the National Dance Institute, is where Dancers Realize Excellence through Arts and Movement. Once a year, the Institute partners with a certified pediatric physical therapist and creates a workshop that partners children with disabilities with their able-bodied peers to create an environment of participation and inclusion - a place where all kids are welcome to dance and dream.

The program grew out of their successful integration program in public schools throughout the country. Even if the kids are less mobile, they can participate through something as simple as moving their eyebrows. The week culminates in an informal performance where the kids get to showcase everything they've learned.

For more information, check out their website or watch their video below.

What an awesome program! Do you have a program like this in your hometown? Leave us a note in the comments!