Merrick Hanna has taken the country by storm and has stolen our hearts. This little 12 year old boy has a talent you need to see to believe. His style is best described as robotics meets contemporary, and he is one of the most unique acts currently on America’s Got Talent!

AGT has a lot of great performers, but sadly, so far the dance groups have not been doing very well. Several have already gone home, but last night Simon Cowell declared that Merrick was the best act of the night, bringing hope to the dance community.

It’s no secret that singers usually take over this competition (in fact, we could probably rename the show to “Singer’s Got Talent”) but this year it looks like a dance act has the potential to pull through. Here's the exciting part: the vote is now in our hands, and we have the power to support our fellow dancers. Tonight we will find out if little Merrick made it through, and everyone is holding their breath. Tune in to make your voice be heard, and see if dance prevails!