MoBBallet, also known as Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet, is a legacy project that documents conversations around black ballet artists. The new inaugural video installation, “And Still They Rose: The Legacy of Black Ballerinas,” explores the stories of Joan Myers Brown, Delores Brown, and Judith Jamison, three classically trained black Philadelphian dancers.

This incredible installation is not just another statement or video series… it’s an experience. Upon entering the website you have the ability to click “Enter,” and once the next page loads, you have the opportunity to “plant the seed”. Once the seed has been planted, you are navigated through a maze of history, conversation, and life changing events. It’s an interactive site that allows you to explore the family trees of ballet in Philadelphia during a time of racial segregation and hardship. They’re unique stories shed light on how they blurred the lines of hatred by using art and dance.

The installation is now available to the public on the MoBBallet website, and every dancer should experience it.