Earlier this month, Tiler Peck showed off her dancing skills on the Ellen show, and let’s just say it was perfect… she was perfect… so basically it was total perfection. The New York City Ballet Principal performed a short and sweet solo during Ellen’s segment called “What’s So Great About You?” And as it turns out, there’s a lot that’s great about Tiler Peck.

The ballerina has been stealing hearts since she started with NYCB at the age of 15, and she has only become more beloved since then. So what makes Tiler Peck stand out amongst the crowd? She’s a people person, and she makes an effort to connect with her audience on a personal level. For example, her Instagram and Twitter posts are always down to earth and filled with gratitude for the people in her life.

She also tries to keep ballet current and relatable. Her song choice for her performance on Ellen wasn’t a classical concerto; instead she chose to perform to Portugal. The Man's song "Feel It Still,” and it was genius. She was the first ballet dancer to grace the Ellen stage, and she purposefully chose a song that is popular and funky, which helped prove that ballet is not just for the age of the dinosaurs. So thank you Tiler Peck for representing ballet dancers as young, hip, and cool! Who’s in favor of bringing some more youthful vibes to this classical form of dance?