Meet Amir Guetta and Hemda Ben Zvi, an Israeli duo whose amazing partnering works seems to defy even gravity.

In their video 'Couple Acrobatics', Amir and Hemda float through the air, using whatever is nearby as a partner - the ground, the wall, a pole, each other. They combine their backgrounds in acrobatics, circus, and capoeira; the result is a mesmerizing movement dialogue that you won't be able to take your eyes off of. Gone are the standards of 'traditional' partnering, where the man lifts the woman. The two daredevils are complete equals, with Hemda hoisting Amir over her head as often as he lifts her. Talk about #strengthgoals !

The duo are currently working out of Toulouse, France, and are creating a new show, ZOOG (Hebrew translation: 'couple.'). Dance Magazine reports that the show will feature their signature acrobatic partnering movement with comedy.

photo credit: Lucas Gardezani Abduch