So you’ve got yourself a boo thang, and you're crazy about them, but you can’t deny your one true love… dance. So how do you make both of your loves happy on the same day? Why not bring the two together? 

This Valentine's day, make it a three’s company kind of night and introduce your loved one to the other commitment in your life. For example, if you’re in NYC, you can take your bae to the soiree at the Ailey Studios. Neville Dance Theatre is hosting a champagne party this year where you can grab a drink, watch some dance, and feel the love in the air. Plus, the event is black tie, so you know your boo is going to look good! It’s truly a win-win situation.  

If you’re single… go take a dance class. What better way to treat yo self on V-day then to treat yourself to a great class. Move it out, shake it out, and let it go. Single = no problem when you have dance by your side. 

But wait, we’re just talking! Not ready to take your date to dinner and a show? Take them dancing instead. There’s no better way to test the waters then to see if they can stand the heat of the dance floor. Dance is truly the answer to all of your Valentine’s scenarios. So happy lovers day pluggers! Love yourself, love others, and love dance.