Happy Valentine's Day, pluggers! My guess is this is either one of your favorite days of the year, or you absolutely hate it because you think it's a sneaky ploy by the greeting card companies (both feelings are completely acceptable). Either way, it's a reason to celebrate, my friends, because it's a day where you can literally each as much chocolate as possible and no one can say anything about that. And who can hate a day like that, amiright?

To help you celebrate (cough cough survive) this day, we're bringing you some video inspiration - three of our favorite romantic pas de deux's. Now, we know you may not be in the mood for some lovey-dovey dancing, but trust us - these gorgeous works will surely put a little spring in your step.

1. Romeo and Juliet

Of course this is number one - the music... the set... those lifts... Alessandra Ferri as a teenager! wipes away tear

2. Swan Lake

You may ask - why did we choose Act III instead of their romantic duet earlier in the ballet? Well, we thought a few of you might appreciate a little cynicism today - true love doesn't always have a happy ending, especially in ballet!

3. Giselle

We love this one because it's both a romance and a tragedy. I mean sure, Giselle, you know, dies in the first act because her true love turned out toe a prince who was engaged to someone else. But her love saves him in the end, so that's sort of happy...right?

Tell us your favorite dance love stories in the comments below!