It seems like every other week an article floats around Facebook showing an advertisement - everything from print to commercial - utilizing a non-dancer in a “dance-y” way. Well, today we’re happy to mix it up and bring you some good news. Popular fashion brand Rag & Bone has created a new short film that not only features dance, but showcases some amazing dancers!

The film, called “Why Can’t We All Get Along”, was released as a replacement for their usual New York Fashion Week runway show. It features choreography by Benjamin Millepied, Artistic Director of L.A. Dance Project, and highlights eight dancers from ABT, three HipLet Ballerinas, YouTube dancer Kandi Reign, and three members of Bulletrun Parkour. Actors Kate Mara and Ansel Elgort also make an appearance.

This isn’t the first time the company has utilized dancers. In 2015, they released a campaign that featured ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov alongside hip-hop dancer Lil’ Buck.  

Why do you think - can films (even a great dance film like this one) replace actual fashion week runway shows? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!