Late last month, Puma (finally!) debuted its spring/summer collaboration with New York City Ballet. It's called the 'Swan Pack.' And seriously, it's pretty fab. Puma and NYCB have been partners since last year - remember their "Do You" campaign from last summer? This is a continuation of that, inspired by the beauty and strength of ballet. The collection is mostly black and white, and features swan-inspired details and unique iridescent fabrics. We know what all of you bunheads will be heading straight for, and that's the Basket Heart sneaker - a stylish white shoe complete with satin laces reminiscent of a pointe shoe. If you're not into spending all of your days at the barre, have no fear - the line isn't exclusive to ballet! We would totally rock these awesome leggings (and that cape? OMG) in our favorite contemporary, tap, and jazz classes too! Who doesn't love looking amazing while showing off how hard you've been working all winter? Check it out now, online and in-store.

"Swan Pack" clothing collaboration between New York City Ballet & Puma