Director Steven Spielberg is on the hunt for the next Tony, Maria, Anita, and Bernando. Why, you ask? For the remake of West Side Story, of course!

The award-winning musical will be redone and re-imagined by the infamous Spielberg, alongside screenwriter Tony Kushner. The iconic music, however, will be staying the same (probably a smart move, considering the world would probably have a cow if they messed with the music!). However, there will definitely be some changes. After all, the film was originally filmed in 1961, so there will certainly be an upgrade in terms of film quality. But who would dare try to recreate Jerome Robbins’ iconic original choreography?

Unfortunately, we don’t know who the choreographer will be for the new version, But they definitely have some big shoes to fill. If we’re being honest, the whole movie has some big shoes to fill. This iconic classic is complex, and people are very attached to it. The music, the acting, and the dancing needs to be on point. So, God-speed, Spielberg, and good luck...’cause you may need it!