Chances are, you’ve been seeing a lot of posts on social media this week talking about APAP. Maybe you’re wondering just what APAP is, or why so many of your friends are talking about it (or maybe you’re performing there yourself!). We’ve got you covered with a little history about the festival, and why it’s so important.

APAP stands for the “Association of Performing Arts Professionals.” Founded in 1957, their mission is “to strengthen the field and advance careers through professional development, grant support, advocacy, networking and the annual APAP|NYC conference.”

Members of the organization include: arts agencies, presenting organozations, producers and producing companies, artist managers, booking agencies, and artists. APAP offers a variety of networking opportunities, as well as professional development resources such as webinars and grants.

The culmination of the year comes each January, at the APAP|NYC conference, where companies can perform and showcase their work. This year’s conference is happening now, from January 12-16. APAP is extremely important for dance companies and choreographers, as it’s an opportunity for them to be seen by a variety of presenters from all over the country. As the presenters from theaters are shaping their seasons, the companies presenting at APAP hope to develop relationships with the presenters and perhaps book a show.

To learn more about APAP, or to become a member, check out their website