Pride month has been showing some beautiful colors this season, but one of the most notable dance-related moments so far has to be the gay Pence party. The conservative vice president has made it clear that he is not in support of the LBGQT community, but that has not stopped LBGQTers from expressing their pride in a peaceful and fun way. In fact, a recent groovy protest turned into quite the celebration.

Vice President Pence made a visit to Columbus, Ohio and was given an enthusiastic greeting thanks to the "Welcome Mike Pence: Big LGBTQ Dance Party.” The event was planned by Jay Smith, who was quite surprised when the Facebook event drew in a larger crowd than expected! What was so wonderful about the event is that it was really just one big dance party. The event took place just outside of Pence’s hotel and it was equipped with a DJ (Democratic politician and candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, Betty Sutton), Queens, and some sick dance moves.

There's a lot of political unrest, and we are very glad to see people expressing their opinions and feelings in a fun and harmless way. Moreover, it’s always inspiring to see dance used as a vehicle for love. And while no one can say for sure if Pence enjoyed his welcoming party, you can’t help but picture him tapping his foot to the music inside his hotel room. We hope that dance can continually inspire an attitude of respect, mutual understanding and peace.

Watch NBC4 coverage here.