If you follow the ABT dancers on social media, then you already know that some of the crew is in the Philippines right now! The ballerinas and ballerinos are supporting fellow Principal dancer, Stella Abrera, who organized a fundraising gala for her native country. However, Instagram has proven that this trip isn’t all work and no play. In fact, it seems that the company is having a fairly lovely holiday.

Company members like Gillian Murphy and Isabella Boylston have posted some pictures and videos of “vacation.” The truth is, no dancer vacations like a normal person. You may wear a swimsuit, but let’s face it, underneath the added SPF we all still have the itch to move and groove. Well that’s exactly what the ABT crew had in mind… They may have looked like they were going to lounge around with a tropical drink in hand, but in reality, they were planning on getting in some barre work on the sand bar!

What can we take away from this display of beach ballet? Dedication! Even when you take time off far away from home, you can always find a time and space to dance. Although one thing is clear, it looks like it’s way more fun with friends by your side.