If you're a fan of the BBC, or crime shows (or both!), chances are you've heard of Peaky Blinders. The show, which is currently in production for its fifth season, has been immensely popular in the UK and the US. Set in Birmingham, England in the 1920's, it revolves around the Peaky Blinders gang, which is based on a real-life 19th century gang who were rumored to sew razor blades into their hats. The fictional crime family is lead by actor Cillian Murphy, and the earlier seasons featured actor Sam Neill as a detective working to keep them under control. There's crime, politics, and a lot of drama. In addition to having a large and devoted fan base, the show has also caught the attention of critics; it recently won Best Drama Series at the Bafta TV awards. 

Though it doesn't exactly sound like something to make a dance about, Rambert (formerly Ballet Rambert and Rambert Dance Company) is planning on doing just that! The creator of the TV show, Steven Knight, recently announced that the ballet company has approached him with the intention of creating a full-length ballet based on the seasons of the show. His response: "Why not?"

Rambert is based in London, made up of 20 dancers from all over the world, and travels and performs internationally. Founded by former Ballet Russes dance Marie Rambert, their first performance was back in 1926, and they hold the title of Britain's oldest dance company. 

Though there's no current ETA for the ballet, the show itself will run for at least three more seasons. Though I'm not totally sure how this crime drama will play out on the stage, their British heritage and history has certainly equipped them with the tools to take on the challenge! Stay tuned...